Inlays and Onlays


Dentists use an inlay or onlay when there is considerable damage to biting surface of the tooth or teeth.

More about inlays and onlays

The materials used to create these overlays and onlays vary widely, depending on the patient’s preference. Materials like porcelain, composite resins and gold are used restore the tooth and make it stronger. They are bonded over the damaged areas of the tooth using advanced tools. Inlays differ from onlays and is similar to tooth fillings. The inlay  is only used within one cusp or edge of the tooth, while the onlays utilize multiple cusps or edges of the teeth.

Porcelain has slowly gained popularity over the traditionally used gold, owing to its high versatility and resemblance to higher strength, the natural look and feel of teeth.

How is the procedure done?

Usually, the procedure takes at least two scheduled visits. On the first visit, the damaged tooth or the degraded filling is removed completely and the foundation for overlaying Onlays and inlays is set. To ensure the accurate bite and fit, multiple impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory for customized fabrication. A sealant is applied over the tooth that is being treated until the next appointment.

On the second visit, the sealant is removed and if it is a correct fit, the inlays/onlays are placed and bonded over the tooth with a strong adhesive. Then, the tooth polished to give a natural look.

Dr. Sidhu has years of experience doing the procedures and will make sure that the fit, the bonding and the look of the treated tooth looks completely natural with restored bite strength.

Advantages of inlays and onlays

Traditional fillings, owing to their material and the procedure, are known to reduce the lifetime and the strength of the natural tooth considerably. On the other hand, the high-strength resins used as inlay/onlay bond to the tooth and significantly increase the strength  to about 75%. This ensures that the teeth lasts for about a decade to over 30 years with ease. When the damage to the tooth isn’t significant, onlays are perfect restorative procedures.

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