Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance

Gum infections or periodontal diseases slowly destroy the natural teeth support and that leads to loss of tooth.  Though there are different gum diseases, dental plaque is one of the major reasons for periodontal ailments. Most of these conditions can be prevented by brushing and flossing regularly.

Importance of oral hygiene

People over the age of 35 years tend to lose more teeth due to gum diseases than from other reasons. You need to regularly brush and floss every day to ensure that gum diseases and cavities are prevented.

The underlying causes of tooth decay and gum diseases us plaque which is a colorless film created by breeding of bacteria and sticks to the gumline. As plaque is constantly being formed on the surface of the teeth, only by brushing and flossing can it be removed. And this in turn, prevents periodontal diseases.

Gum diseases can be enhanced by a number of factors especially if you have poor oral hygiene. The plaque forms constantly and if it is not removed properly, it solidifies into a hard and porous substance termed as tartar. The health of the gums is affected by stress, smoking, diabetes, poor nutrition, medication and grinding teeth.

More about periodontal diseases

The bacterium that produces plaque produces toxic irritants that cause the gums to turn red and inflamed. This leads to bleeding gums and if it is not controlled, the gums loosen away and cause pockets to form. As the ailment progresses, the bone and gum tissue deteriorate and support to the tooth is lost, leading to loss of tooth/teeth.

How to prevent diseases of the gum?

The only option and perfect way to end periodontal diseases is by brushing and flossing every day. You need to seek professional examinations and comprehensive cleaning procedures on a regular basis at the dentist’s office to keep your teeth healthy. However, even with these steps, there are chances that you can develop some forms of gum diseases and that’s when intervention by a dentist is needed to stop its growth.



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