Tooth Filings/Restoration

Tooth Fillings

A good number of people still have mercury/silver fillings from the past times. Being metals, it is not surprising that these fillings do not last very long and may even lead to the weakening of the tooth strength. Inlays and Onlays made out of porcelain look natural and are also extremely durable. They may even increase the strength of the tooth. These types of restoration look beautiful, are longer lasting and even strengthen the teeth.

Why not use silver fillings?

The edges of the silver fillings are notorious for wearing down and even break. Leaving the tooth unprotected, cavities start to form again. The high ductility of the metal causes it to expand and shrink which may cause the tooth to break.

Around 50% of the silver, filling is made of mercury. Leakage from the filling may even lead to mercury poisoning.

The silver fillings, though, are easy to exchange for natural looking porcelain overlays.

Why use tooth-white restoration?

Resin Onlays are bonded to the surface of the tooth with a very strong resin that help to further strengthen the tooth. The obvious plus, though, is that these overlays look exactly like the tooth, and no one can differentiate from a distance.

The resin used, also contains fluoride that help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

How is it done?

The entire procedure of replacing the silver fillings with the tooth-like overlays takes 2 sessions with the doctor.

The silver filling is removed on the first appointment. A technician takes the impression of your teeth, and the model is taken to the lab for synthesis. The appointment finishes with the doctor placing a temporary onlay on the tooth.

In the second appointment, the temporary Onlay attached on the last appointment is removed. Conditioning Gel is applied on the tooth in the preparation of the new Onlay. Bonding cement is applied thereafter, which is bonded with the tooth using a high-intensity light. Finally, the tooth is polished to give the natural look.


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